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Episode 3 - Environmental Clinical Trial


In this video I’m looking at data from the Mouse Allergen and Asthma Intervention Trial (MAAIT). This study was recently published and was a 2-arm randomized trial whose goal was to determine the effect of an integrated pest management (IPM) intervention on asthma morbidity among mouse-sensitized and exposed asthmatic children and adolescents. The trial took place in Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA. Participants were mouse-sensitized and exposed asthmatic children and adolescents, 5-17 years of age, randomized to receive professionally-delivered IPM plus pest management education or education alone. In this analysis, I’m looking at the mouse allergen data to see if the IPM intervention had any effect on reducing allergen levels in the home.

There is a web site which contains a summary of the findings, some educational videos, as well as the dataset and codebook.


Explore the effect of the IPM+Education intervention on mouse allergen levels in the bed, floor, and airborne dust samples, relative to sample collected in the Education-only arm.


Watch the analysis

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